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The power of thought
Is invisible like the seed
maturating to a huge tree;
it is though the very source
of visible transformation
in the life of man.

Leo N. Tolstoi 


Turn of the year 2017 - 2018

Dear friends, dear customers,

thoughts are creative forces. You got an idea, a wish, you are playing with possibilities; similar to holiday preparations. Our thoughts are revolving more and more around the imagined objective: It gets more tangible by the day, thoughts evolve to plans – and sometime when there is certainty, the voyage is to begin.

In 2018 changes are to be made at OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH:

Product range OPTUL Quality Jewels:
From January 2019 on sales will continue through Ullmannglass GmbH.

Contact details:
Siegstatt 2-4
94486 Osterhofen
Telefon +49 (0) 9932 9548 0
Email: info@ullmannglass.de
Product range OPTUL Iris Arc:

The range of goods will stay available and will get enlarged if applicable – as usual. In recent years I had to spurn many invitations for teaching fusing techniques: The everyday operations require my presence on site.

By taking this steps I am approaching my envisioned goal of being able to teach more and to share my knowledge of the material glass – especially also to you.

The dormant seed from which a tree is maturating… he is not to become a mammoth!

I wish to thank everyone for their excellent level of cooperation and wish you a prosperous year 2018.

OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH

Uschi Ullmann


August 29, 2018

Dear friends and customers:

After pursuing my passion glassmaking for many years, in 1994 my father reached out to me requesting me to work for OPTUL. I accepted.

At this time the production and commercialisation of jewels was the core business of OPTUL.

And because of my believe that any work is to be performed for a certain purpose at a certain place and a certain time, I will hand over the glass product range OPTUL Quality Jewels on October 1st, 2018 within the family to ULLMANNGLASS Norbert Ullmann e.K. in Osterhofen, Germany (Please understand the information and contact data from the enclosed letter). This was already announced in the ”Power Of Thought“ at the turn of the year 2017-2018.

When I think of all these years of the jewels accompanying me day in, day out – images are rising up in me; many of these images are related to my experiences, my intuition and my professional knowledge gathered over time. These I readily hand over to my successors.

My special thanks go to you all!

OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH

Uschi Ullmann



November 12th, 2018

Dear friends, dear customers,

there is the magic of things that surround me, that I see, touch, and move. It means work, responsibility, coherence, tolerance and once more work.

Doing all this is not that easy with advancing age. And so moving towards a new phase of life, I am very happy and grateful that TGK GmbH takes over the sales of products.

Key data:

The magic of things becomes the magic of the real and for me that means reorientation, letting go, looking for independence.

My special thanks go to Marita Witte, Friedrich and Kolja Frisch. I wish to thank everyone for their excellent level of cooperation in all these years!

OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH

Uschi Ullmann

Contact details:
Helleforthstraße 18-20
33758 Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock
Telefon +49(0)5207-9128-0
Email tgk@tgk.de