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main focus

The main focus is on the development of colors fusible with Float glass and the manufacturing of a comprehensive range of materials as well as...

Hands-on seminars based on fusing techniques with Float glass compatible colors OPTUL FLOAT (AK 82 ±3).



Float is more than just Float - sophisticated design options with Float glass and products for Float.

You receive instruction in specific application techniques and processing of the range of materials OPTUL FLOAT, hold time, melting temperature...











Seminars "Float is more than just Float"

The focus of this hands-on seminar is on fusing techniques with Float glass fusible colors OPTUL FLOAT (AK 82 ± 3).

The materials include granules, eggshells, spatula colors, hand-pulled rods, as well as precast rounds and squares.

Based on the craft experience and the artistic vision of the participant, let's choose a project that can be done within this days.

We receive instruction in specific application techniques and processing (hold time, melting temperature) which support the imaging in the following and make it possible.

Finally the chosen project will be realized; a classification and discussion of the results is optionally possible.