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Seminars with Uschi Ullmann


Uschi Ullmann was born in Buenos Aires in 1957. Since her apprenticeship as a glass designer from 1977 to 1980 at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel, she has been working on the production of functional, individually designed utility glass.

Against the background of her work as managing director of OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH, the focus of her work since 1997 has been on the development of colours fusible with float glass and the production of a comprehensive range of materials.

In 1992 she received the Bavarian State Prize and in 1993 the Hessian State Prize.

Uschi Ullmann lives and works in Ortenburg near Passau.










Seminars "Float is more than just Float"

The focus of this hands-on seminar is on fusing techniques with Float glass fusible colors OPTUL FLOAT (AK 82 ± 3).

The materials include granules, eggshells, spatula colors, hand-pulled rods, as well as precast rounds and squares.

Based on the craft experience and the artistic vision of the participant, let's choose a project that can be done within this days.

You receive instruction in specific application techniques and processing which support the imaging in the following and make it possible.

Finally the chosen project will be realized; a classification and discussion of the results is optionally possible.



TGK Glasmesse Seminars Mai 6th + 7th 2022


What is that actually, float glass? How can I design something and get my hands on the "right tool"? For this, rules have to be observed, and that is what this seminar is about.


- Use of creative elements: powder, crumbs, eggshells, stringer, spatula paste, pre-pressed rounds and squares, colored glass chunks, bright precious metal preparations

- Color-specific reactions: color mixtures and homogeneous color applications

- Colored float: make your own overlay to counteract the lack of variety

- Firing schedules: Adaptation of the only directional melting curves to your own workpiece


Stipglas Tilburg NL June 4th + 5th 2022



2. Internationales Glassymposium Rheinbach June 17th till June 24th 2022

"Glas(s) Rendezvous Rheinbach"


TGK GmbH - Fusing with Float on July 23rd + 24th and October 29th + 30th 2022


Float is more than just Float - Sophisticated design options with Float glass and products for Float.

teacher: Uschi Ullmann

Stattgefundene Veranstaltungen


2. Internationales Glassymposium Rheinbach 17. - 24. Juni 2022


Werkstoff Glas aus Leidenschaft

Der Schwerpunkt ihres Workshops liegt auf Glas-Fusing-Techniken mit Floatglas verschmelzbaren Farben. Die Werkstoffe Umfassen Granulate, Eggshells, Blasendekore, Spachtelpaste, handgezogene Stäbchen sowie vorgepresste Ronden bzw. Quadrate. Ausgehend von der handwerklichen Erfahrung und der künstlerischen Vision der Teilnehmer, wählt Ursula Ullmann mit Ihnen in gemeinsamer Diskussion ein durchführbares Projekt aus.